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Clarity Consults

When you work one to one with me, you are getting the benefit of 20+ years experience of working closely with GPs and their teams on all aspects of running a successful Practice

Most GPs 

don’t allow themselves the time to take a step back from running their Practice day to day. One day runs into another and for the most part everything seems to be going fine. It can be particularly challenging for smaller Practices, as you get caught up in the hamster wheel which is General Practice.

I have many GPs who work one to one with me on a Monthly basis.  They tell me that this helps them on so many levels, firstly to get out of their own very busy heads, even if it is just to vent and secondly to feel supported.

It is so important to allow yourself that time. You will gain focus, make more informed decisions and take giant leaps forward in how you want your Practice to run.  We all need support from time to time.

Dr. Illona Duffy GP, Monaghan

"As a GP working in General Practice for more than 30 years , I highly recommend Asumpta to all GP’s interested in increasing their business efficiency and income. My only regret is I didn’t find her sooner! Her clarity in assessing and resolving business solutions for Irish GP’s is unique"
Dr. B Murnane
GP, Wilton Medical Centre

Practice Audits

To date, I have carried out Audits in over 50 GP Practices throughout Ireland. In 100% of those Practices, I identified unclaimed income of amounts varying from 4.5K to 37K.

This was a huge surprise even to me initially. Much of it was relatively easy to recognise as I know where to look and what to look for. However, there are also occasions where I need to dig a little deeper.

To date, I have provided Practice Management training to over 400 GP and Practice Managers. I have also delivered training to Medical Receptionists. This training took place both live and online. 

Prior to the Pandemic, I delivered Practice Management workshops in 10 different locations throughout Ireland. What was  always evident at these workshops was that many staff and GPs who attended my workshops were busily working in their Practices day to day, but didn’t always have the time to investigate what they might be missing out on. Also many staff in general practice grow into their positions over time and there isnt always an opportunity to receive any formal training and as I always say, you don’t know what you don’t know.

The Practice Audit gives you an umbrella view of how your Practice is performing as well as the tools and skills to set systems up going forward.

  • Are you fully aware of everything that you can claim?
  • Do you understand all aspects of running your Practice.
  • Are you fully maximising on your income?
  • Are there ways that you could save money in your Practice?
"Can’t say enough about how much Asumpta has helped our practice.   An initial meeting followed by a surgery visit identifying important areas of focus. She was able to quickly get a sense of us as a team which was crucial in terms of identifying and implementing improvements without making anyone feel at fault. Asumpta spent a short period of time with us but has made an enormous difference not just in the numbers but also the people and why they are doing what they are doing. You will gain far more than you spend here."
Dr Dan Delaney
Annagh Medical Centre


Our Experience

To date, Best Practice has provided Tailored Training to over 400 GPs, Practice Managers and Practice Staff both live and online. Since March 2020, 95% of this training has been delivered online and I am delighted to say that it has being received very positively.

Delivering training online has a significant added benefit of Staff/GPs being able to apply the learning during the training session as opposed to just writing down notes to refer to later.

Train your staff to leave, but excite them to stay!

Online Training Workshops currently available:

I absolutely recommend Asumpta 100%. She is hugely experienced and provided clarity and advice over and above what I expected. She is insightful and thorough, doesn't shy away from challenging potentially difficult issues. I have no hesitation in recommending her.
Dr Cliona Lewis
GP Principal, Longwood Health Centre

Best Practice Academy

Exciting News!!!!

The Best Practice Academy is our Brand new Membership that will be delivered to you using a blend of live interactive Webinars, Live and Pre-recorded Training modules that will be delivered exclusively online to help you achieve your Best Practice.

You will receive access to all the information and resources that you need to ensure your Practice is reaching its full potential and you will be supported along every step of the journey as a member of The Best Practice Academy. You will have access to training, coaching and opportunities for one to one mentoring. You will also be able to access very valuable peer support with other members of the Best Practice Academy.

The Academy will officially launch on Friday 10th September 2021.  

We are now accepting early booking for Founder Members only at a very special reduced monthly rate.  

Click here to Sign Up. The Founder Members rate will end on Wednesday 8th September 2021. You do not want to miss out on this opportunity!

"Asumpta Gallagher is the most inspirational person, I have met in her field. I have been a principal in Irish General Practice for over twenty years and I am also a GP trainer, a CME tutor and a lecturer in General practice so I do not make that claim lightly. I was blessed when Asumpta came to my practice in 2018. She has a critical but kindly eye, and knows how to respectfully and intelligently bring change and inspiration to any GP practice. She has a huge amount of practical knowledge and she is particularly good at optimising Practice income. Asumpta would be an asset to any practice; she is realistic, astute and patient. I am so glad that I have met her and I am glad to recommend her highly as an expert in Practice management and training. "
Dr Pat Harrold
GP, Nenagh, Co Tipperary

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"Our Practice recently contacted Asumpta from Best Practice to help deal with a sensitive issue in our Practice. I found her to be capable, sensitive to the issues, positive, attentive and I don’t think she could have handled the situation better or that as a Practice we could have had a better outcome. When Asumpta initially visited our Surgery, she met with the Principals of the Practice and it was clear at that meeting, that she already had a basic grasp of what was involved from the brief memo we had shared with her. This inspired condence and led to a level of efficiency in the interactions. We found her to be accessible, clear in her observations, almost endlessly positive and optimistic and ambitious to achieve an end that seemed unachievable to us. We would be happy to recommend her services to any of our colleagues. "
GP Partner

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