The management of a Healthcare Practice requires the same techniques and skills of management used in any business. Currently many GP’s are trying to operate on all fronts; juggling the finances, managing staff, treating patients and constantly trying to ensure that the practice remains viable.

Best Practice provides a range of supports to the Healthcare Sector which include Practice Management Consultancy services and Staff training.  Owner and Founder of Best Practice, Asumpta Gallagher provides excellent value as through her intimate knowledge of General Practice and the Healthcare sector. She can quickly identify if you are maximising your income through the various state schemes along with other income streams as she knows where to look and what to look for.

The Practice audit can also help to identify training needs within your practice so that each member of staff can best utilise their existing skills as well as upskilling where required.  You will see further details on staff training later in this document.

A well managed practice is a great place to be for patients, staff and GP’s. Patients receive a better quality of care while the GP and their Staff enjoy a much more positive working environment which provides a better work life balance.

Practice Audits:

  • PCRS – Are you maximising your income?
  • Other State Schemes – Examine current processes & Systems
  • Current Management Systems – Help improve efficiencies
  • Assess – Examine current expenditure from suppliers of products & services to ensure best value.

Financial Practice Management Services:

  • Develop, implement & monitor Practice Management Systems to ensure all income in the practice is maximised
  • Monthly financial reconciliation of PCRS, State schemes and Private income and expenditure.
  • Management Support – Email & phone support for GP’s & Staff on all aspects of Practice Management.
  • Private Income – Examine current systems to ensure payment is followed up in a timely manner.

General Practice Management Services:

  • Practice software – Are you getting the most from your Practice Software? – Full training available on most packages.
  • Marketing & Promotion of Services – Website development and Social Media presence
  • Project Management – Liaise with contractors and service providers relating to capital projects and Practice development.
  • Negotiation – negotiate and review existing service providers to ensure best value.
  • Recruitment – Assist in the selection and recruitment of Practice Staff.
  • HR – Employee Contracts, Handbooks & Onboarding of Staff.
  • Training – Tailored Staff Training