Choose the Membership level that suits you

Is your Practice performing to its full potential and do you feel like you are fully maximising on your income?

In all 100% of the Practices that I have worked in to date, I have recovered unclaimed income of between €4,000 and €37,000.

This is generally made up of claims that have not been submitted and/or lack of systems in the Practice to track and manage payments.

This is due to several factors which include

  • Lack of time
  • Staff not aware
  • Lack of systems

Many GPs  and Practice staff feel isolated and often describe this as working in their own small bubble.  Through delivery of training programmes, it is apparent that many of the issues or challenges that you may think are unique to you. In reality many Practices have the same challenges and it is with this in mind that I have created the Best Practice Membership.

The membership has 3 levels that can support you in your Practice. You will have access to peer support as well as over 20 years of expertise.

The monthly hot topics will be based on topics that are relevant and important to you in your Practice. You will have the opportunity to suggest what is covered and when you can join in live, there will be an opportunity to ask questions.  

The Gold membership speaks for itself and includes a Practice audit which is completed quarterly. This is excellent to ensure that you are constantly maximising on your income. 

This will include a follow up report and recommendations of where you may need to submit claims as well as looking at all schemes that are administered through the PCRS.

"As a GP working in General Practice for more than 30 years , I highly recommend Asumpta to all GP’s interested in increasing their business efficiency and income. My only regret is I didn’t find her sooner! Her clarity in assessing and resolving business solutions for Irish GP’s is unique"
Dr. B Murnane
GP, Wilton Medical Centre