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Best Practice in Conversation

with Carmel Kelly, Network Manager – LHP Skillnet   It has been a while since I had my last conversation but I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Carmel Kelly. Carmel is the Network Manager of LHP Skillnet who collaborate with Training Providers like Best Practice to provide quality training to private healthcare Businesses, including General Practice and…

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Group of senior people playing board games in community center club

Best Practice in Conversation – Episode 4 – Social Prescribing and how it can cut visits to GP by 20%

In Conversation with Jennifer Neff, CEO of Elemental Jennifer is driven by a passion for ending avoidable health inequalities. She set up Elemental Software with her partner Leeann Monk to establish, scale, and measure the uptake and the impact of the social prescribing model of care, connecting people, building communities, and improving lives. Jennifer works…

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