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Dr. Illona Duffy GP, Monaghan

Practice Reviews

  • Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with managing your Practice?
  • Do you feel that your staff are motivated and proficient in their respective roles?
  • Could you delegate more effectively?
  • Are you utilising all of your resources effectively?
  • Are you fully maximising on your income?
  • Are there ways that you could save money in your Practice?

To date, Best Practice has carried out Reviews in over 50 GP Practices throughout Ireland. In 100% of those Practices, we identified unclaimed income of amounts varying from €4.5K to €37K.

This was a surprise even as much of it was easily recognisable, particularly as I know where to look and what to look for, however, there are times when I needed to dig a little deeper.  Without exception, there have been areas within every Practice I have worked in that was losing out on income.

A Practice Review, however, is much more than just the finances. When you work with Best Practice, You get a Bespoke Best Practice Toolkit packed with practical tips on all aspects of your Practice to include Practice Systems, Streamlined Processes, Clarity on Staff Roles, Effective Delegation, Utilising Practice Resources, Practice Protocols and much much more!

In my experience, I have observed that many Practice staff evolve into new roles in their various Practices over time and as such do not receive any formal training in areas like PCRS and Managing Practice finances. As a result, they are not always aware of what needs to be claimed or how to optimise on Practice income


"We first contacted Best Practice in 2021 as our practice was going through a major transition from the beginning Asumpta was extremely supportive and engaging. We had to implement a number of changes throughout the practice & Asumpta guided us with practical, applicable advice. Her changes have made a very positive impact on our practice both for the staff and for the patients. Thank you very much Asumpta"
Dr. Thomas Downey
GP Partner Carndonagh HC


Here is a short Case Study:

2 Partner GP Practice, 1 GP Assistant, 1.5 FTE Practice Nurse, Practice Manager, 5 Admin Staff 2.5 FTE

This was your typical busy Practice where one day rolled into the other. The PM was caught up in all aspects of the Practice and did not give herself the time to focus on all aspects of her role.

The Audit

Carried out an audit of PCRS using the GP Online Application Suite over a 3 year period.
I looked at all income that is paid through the PCRS

The Findings

Unclaimed annual Leave                      €10,650.00
Unclaimed Study Leave                        €14,595.76
Unclaimed sick Leave (current year)   €   5,917.20
Total unclaimed Leave                          €31,162.96

The Outcome

  • Annual leave claims were submitted (all paid)
  • Study leave – a little more challenging as paperwork was missing 26 out of 49 Days claimed (all paid)
  • Sick Leave – Submitted Claim (all paid)
  • Many other areas were identified where income was not claimed
  • Responsibility was delegated for some tasks
  • Training provide to appropriate staff.
  • Practice was given a template to ensure claims were submitted going forward
  • Practice more efficient and streamlined.
  • More empowered and motivated staff
"Asumpta Gallagher is the most inspirational person i have met in her field. I have been a principal in Irish General Practice for over twenty years and i am also a GP trainer, a CME tutor and a lecturer in General practice so i do not make that claim lightly. I was blessed when Asumpta came to my practice in 2018. She has a critical but kindly eye, and knows how to respectfully and intelligently bring change and inspiration to any GP practice. She has a huge amount of practical knowledge and she is particularly good at optimising practice expenditure. Asumpta would be an asset to any practice; she is realistic, astute and patient as well as being great company. I am glad that i have met her and i am glad to recommend her highly as an expert in Practice Management Training"
Dr Pat Harrold
Nenagh Medical Centre

What you can expect with a Practice Review

  • A free Discovery call to discuss your needs and challenges and agree priorities.
  • A Proposal by email to include a confidentiality agreement.
  • On receipt of signed contract, organise a time to login to Practice remotely
  • Access Practice PC securely using AnyViewer. (this can be installed free of charge)
    A full financial audit on PCRS and Practice Management Software.
  • Depending on needs, this will be followed by online consultations with Practice Team members or an onsite visit.
  • You will be sent your bespoke Best Practice Toolkit via email.
  • 30 min follow up call by Zoom one week after you receive your toolkit to discuss contents and provide clarification and any additional support if needed.

The following is just one very simple case study where I worked inhouse. There are many others where it is impossible to see the solution as you are so busy working in it every day but equally, it is often more effective when changes are suggested through an external consultant. Having previously worked as a Manager in General Practice for 17 years, I know and understand the dynamics of working in this unique environment. I can empathise with staff and work with them in a non judgemental way.

Case Study

A GP was frustrated that his Secretary was taking so long to complete processes. The Receptionist had been doing the same job for a long number of years and the GP did not want to upset her.

Quick Observations

I sat and observed how the Receptionist was working for a very short time. I noticed quite quickly that she was duplicating a lot of her work:

  • The computer monitor was to the right of where she was dealing with patients which meant she was writing things down while dealing with patients, and then having to move her chair over to enter the information into the PC.
  • Her credit card terminal had a chord attached and each time she used it, she had to hold it in place for the patient to enter their PIN.
  • The phone was difficult to access.
  • Prescriptions and certs which she needed regular access to were under her desk in an awkward position                     
  • The Receptionist was clearly struggling with all the difficult manoeuvre’s that she had to complete on an ongoing basis.


  • There was no room for the Monitor to be placed where the Receptionist needed it so a decision was made to modify the desk.
  • We ordered a wireless terminal
  • The phone was moved to make it more accessible
  • Certs and Prescriptions were put on the desk


  • Reception was modified at minimum cost.
  • No more duplication as Receptionist no longer needs to write things down.
  • Workflow has improved significantly
  • Receptionist is much happier in her role
  • Happy GP and happy Receptionist.

Clarity Consult

When you work one to one with me, you are getting the benefit of 20+ years experience of Practice Management, Consultancy and Training experience. I have worked in over 50 Practices and have trained hundreds of Practice staff in all aspects of Practice Management, HR and other Practice roles such as working as a Medical Receptionist.

I will help you gain clarity and assist you in developing a strategy for any aspects of your day to day that you currently find challenging.

Working as a GP is so busy and time is generally at a premium. As a result, most GPs rarely have time to take a step back from their Practice.  One day runs into another and for the most part everything seems to be going fine. Do you ever wonder if there are other ways of doing things or maybe even an easier way of doing things?

Book a Clarity Consult with me and allow yourself that time to take a step back.

I am passionate about helping GPs like you, find clarity in the type of Practice that you want to work in. I help you develop a Practice that works for you now and into the future.

By giving yourself the time to take a step back, I will help you to identify aspects of your Practice that you had not considered before. All of us, particularly when we are busy just work day to day doing things the same way we have always done them.

"As a GP working in General Practice for more than 30 years, I highly recommend Asumpta to all GP's interested in increasing their business efficiency and income. My only regret is i didn't find her sooner! Her clarity in accessing and resolving business solutions for Irish GP's is unique"
Dr. B Murnane
GP, Wilton Medical Centre

If it's not broken why fix it?

Change can be a challenge for many GP Practices, particularly where Staff have been employed for a long period of time. I have experienced this a lot in my years working as a Practice Manager. I have also experienced how when change is managed effectively that it can bring about significant and positive outcomes for all concerned.


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