With many years of experience, I recognise that these are just some of the concerns that you have in your Practice.

  • Being Compliant
  • Litigation – fear of being sued
  • Worrying about Patients and following up results, referrals etc.
  • Stress and overwhelm which at times can be difficult to manage.
  • All that paperwork that has to be worked through
  • What if something happens to me – what will happen to my Patients and my Practice
  • HR Issues
  • Keeping the Practice sustainable
  • Hamster wheel – so much to do
  • Worrying about your own health and fear of burnout
  • Missing out on family time

It is difficult to find the time to focus on non clinical aspects of running a Practice and the added responsibility of managing staff.

What's included in the Best Practice Membership Toolkit?

It is possible to create your Best Practice even if your practice team is resistant to change, you don’t have the finances or you don’t understand what is possible for you and your practice.

We make it possible to create a new vision, design a clear plan and take small steps to create your best practice, a place where you can get a much improved work life balance and more time to be the doctor you want to be. 

  • Do you find that you are working extra long hours to keep on top of all of the Administration outside of Patient Care? 
  • Do you feel that your staff are adequately trained in their respective roles?
  • Would you like to have more time to focus on seeing your Patients and being a Doctor? 
  • Is it difficult to bring about changes in the Practice and do you get resistance to this?
  • Is your Practice performing to its full potential? 
  • Are you fully maximising on income?
  • Is there aspects of the work that you do that you could delegate to other members of the Practice Team? 
  • Are there staff issues in your Practice that have been bubbling underneath the surface for many years.
  • Do you find it difficult to access information on different aspects of running your Practice. 

The Best Practice Membership toolkit offers a range of options to suit you and your Practice. 

There are 3 levels which will support you in the areas where you need it at this time and give you the tools that are appropriate for your Practice at this time.

You will have access to a variety of tools including monthly Hot Topics which are relevant to you and your Practice and as a member, you will have the opportunity to suggest topics that are covered on an ongoing basis. General Practice is constantly evolving and it is sometimes difficult to keep up with all of these changes.

You will have access to a variety of templates which are useful for the effective management of your Practice or you may choose a Monthly Practice Management Solution that gives you total peace of mind that your Practice is maximising on income with streamlined systems and processes.


When you subscribe to the Best Practice membership Toolkit, you will have access to a Secure online forum where you can ask questions and share ideas.

You will no longer feel isolated in your role and you will finally have support along with tools and knowledge to implement your vision for your practice.

When you sign up, You will receive an email with details of the Best Practice Membership platform and how to access it.

You will be sent a link to the membership site on the Website www.bestpractice.ie.

You will be asked to register your details and answer some questions about your Practice. Some of the information that you provide will assist in tailoring content for Hot Topics.

Once you complete your registration, you will receive your login details and you will create your own unique password.

By joining up to the Best Practice Membership, you will be part of a community that understands the unique challenges of working in General Practice. You will have access to live webinars on a monthly basis that will be recorded and available through the membership section as well as access to experts on various topics each quarter.

Don’t worry if you miss a live as all webinars will be recorded and available for you watch in the Membership area.

These are just some of the Hot Topics that we will be covering:

  • GP Application Suite – A series of webinars outlining the features of the Suite & ensuring that you are maximising on income
  • State schemes – What you should be Checking
  • Chronic Disease Management Programme 
  • Managing time
  • Carrying out effective appraisals
  • Dealing with conflict and managing difficult conversations
  • Running Effective Practice Meetings
  • Successful Recruitment – 5 Essential steps you need to take.
  • This membership is really valuable as it addresses the constantly changing landscape of General Practice.
    With over 20 years experience in practice management I recognise the unique challenges associated with running a healthcare busines

Here are just some of the benefits you will experience by becoming a member:

  • Save time by having access the information that you need
  • A supportive network
  • Feeling less isolated and more in control
  • Access to relevant information that will help you in running your Practice more effectively.
  • Access to tools, systems and processes that will assist in a more streamlined and profitable Practice.


Can I download the Webinars?
Webinars can be viewed only when you login to the membership area and cannot be downloaded. As a member, you will have unlimited access to all content.

What if I feel that this membership is not for me?
As part of your membership, you will receive access to a large number of resources. Therefore, the minimum subscription is for a 3 month period from when you first subscribe. 

My Promise to you

I am very passionate about General Practice as I feel that it forms the bedrock of the Healthcare system in Ireland and all over the world. Having spent over 20 years as a Manager in this sector myself, I found it frustrating when trying to access support and training. 

This was my motivation for creating this membership site so you can not only access information but have an opportunity to share and learn from others in the Best Practice Community.

At Best Practice, we want you to feel less isolated in your role in your Practice and have access to important and relevant information as it becomes available.

I work only with people who are experts in their field and alongside the monthly Hot Topics which will be delivered by myself, you will also receive valuable content from a panel of experts across a range of topics on a quarterly basis.

Like any membership, you will get back what you put in. You will have access to the webinars and lots of other content on the membership site and you will be invited to suggest topics on an ongoing basis that are relevant to you and your Practice.

Best Practice Membership Toolkit