Hi there, this is a very special invitation for you to become a Founder Member of
The “Best Practice Academy”

My years of experience working with GP practices and especially the past 3 years has shown me why the creation of Best Practice Academy is essential and here is why.

For a long time now, I have been getting many enquiries from GPs and GP Practices with questions like

Up to now, I haven’t just been listening to these questions but also providing the answers.  Since early 2018, when Best Practice was first established, I have been very busy working with more than 50 practices around Ireland. To date, I have provided training to over 400 GPs, Practice Managers & Admin Staff both live and online.

The more questions I get that are similar to those outlined above, the more I understood the need for The Best Practice Academy to provide practical solutions to help more practices optimise their staff, services, finances and achieve the type of Practice where you enjoy coming to work every day. With a start date of 10th September 2021, The Best Practice Academy is at an advanced stage in exploring the best options for building an online membership that is EXCLUSIVE to General Practice.

The Best Practice Academy will be

Founding Members of the Best Practice Academy will be part of a safe, trusting Community of like-minded people, who are all working in, what I believe, is a very unique environment. General Practice is a business, but importantly it’s a Patient Centred Business.

Here is what I am VERY clear on right now…..

BUT, the vision is there and I would like to extend an early invitation to you.  I want you to be part of this – especially if you are willing to help me shape this idea. This means; 

  1. If you join me as a Founding Member
  2. You are willing to help contribute ideas on how to make this THE best place to support you in being able to run a practice where you look forward to going to work every day, 

I am willing to extend a very favourable ‘Founding Member’ rate.

Following this Founding Member Launch, I will not be opening the doors to new members for at least 3 months at which point, the Monthly Membership Subscription will be €149 per month. This represents incredible value providing significant benefits in streamlining your processes, improved Practice morale, maximised income and so much more.

Here’s the best part though…..

Join me today as a Founding Member and your Monthly Membership will be just €79 per month and you’ll be locked into that founding member price for the first 18 Months.  So even when we re-open the doors to new members at the higher membership rate, yours will remain the same guaranteed until February 2023.

As I said, all the details for this are not fully figured out yet. As a Founder Member, I expect that some of the best ideas will come from you, the Community of Founder Members to suggest ideas and provide feedback which will ensure that you are getting the best possible value from the Best Practice Academy. 

So the official start of The Best Practice Academy is Friday 10th September 2021

So between now and then, things will be happening very fast. I would also love to hear your ideas as to what you would like covered in the early days.

With all of this said, what I am very clear about is how The Best Practice Academy will serve all of us as we progress towards achieving your Best Practice. Over time, at the very least, you will have access to the following:

I know I will look back on this years from now and say, remember when I launched the Best Practice Academy…

Join Me

Become a Founding Member of The Best Practice Academy

All you need to is simply Sign up before Midnight on Friday 10th September 2021 to avail of this one time offer

Benefit from Asumpta’s Experience and Expertise

Asumpta Gallagher is the Founder of Best Practice. Her passion is helping GPs and their staff to run a practice which is more streamlined, profitable and ultimately allowing GPs more time to be the doctors they want to be.  

Asumpta works closely with you and your existing team and provides support to assist you in any challenges that you may have in your Practice, including Staff Management and dealing with difficult situations.  

Having previously worked as a PM in General Practice for over 17 years, she understands the unique challenges that are associated with running a Patient Centred Business. Since early 2018, she has worked with over 50 Practices around Ireland and this experience gained over this period has been invaluable.

It is through this experience that Asumpta can share her vast expertise.


As a GP working in General Practice for more than 30 years, I highly recommend Asumpta to all GP’s interested in increasing their business efficiency and income. My only regret is I didn’t find her sooner! Her clarity in assessing and resolving business solutions for Irish GP’s is unique

Asumpta knows how hard it is to find the time to cover all the day to day tasks. I continually see the same challenges in Practices across the country where GPs and their staff have difficultly accessing support, information and resources in the areas of Practice.

Management, HR Issues, Staff Training and often struggle to find a reasonable work life balance. I know that some days can be so overwhelming but as my testimonials will confirm, the work I do with practices is invaluable. 

Can’t say enough about how much Asumpta has helped our practice. An initial meeting followed by a surgery visit identifying important areas of focus. She was able to quickly get a sense of us as a team which was crucial in terms of identifying and implementing improvements without making anyone feel at fault. Asumpta spent a short period of time with us but has made an enormous difference not just in the numbers but also the people and why they are doing what they are doing. You will gain far more than you spend here.

In my 17 years of Managing Practices in Dublin and Galway, I remember how difficult it was at times to access information, staff training or resources that I needed.  I also remember feeling a bit isolated. Recently a GP from a large group Practice said to me,

“I feel like we are working in our own small bubble and we don’t really know or have the time to know what is going on outside of this  bubble.”

This really resonated with me and I know that it resonates with many of the Practices that I work with on an ongoing basis.

As a member of the Best Practice Academy, my mission is to create a safe community for you where you can access a variety of information and resources that you need all in the one place. The Academy is a place where you will get access to support on the common day to day issues that arise in General Practice.

Look forward to seeing you on the inside