How can Best Practice help you?

I am Asumpta and after working in General Practice and Healthcare for over 20 years, I founded the Best Practice Framework.

The Best Practice framework helps GPs and their staff to achieve successful and happy Practices, helping to reduce stress and overwhelm, while increasing productivity.

Using proven Practice Management techniques and tailored staff training, GPs and their staff can follow this proven framework in many ways.  You can complete an online Training module in your own time or I offer customised Practice Management and Training for your specific needs.

Sign up to a Program where I work with individuals or small groups or get in touch to see how I can best support you in your Practice.

Introduction & Experience


“What an amazing resource! It has been a bug bear of mine for some time the lack of training and support for GP Staff. This is a very challenging and diverse business for staff and people often enter the job with no idea as to the demands it can have on you!”


“Asumpta is very knowledgeable and caring! Her follow up was thorough and prompt. Asumpta was very patient, making sure I knew how to complete tasks properly. Highly recommend!”


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Are you ready for a consultation?

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