How can Best Practice help you?

Best Practice was founded to address and support the many challenges  within General Practice and to allow you as Healthcare Professionals to focus on your patients.  With tailored consultancy services, we examine and assess your current systems and if required can develop new systems and procedures which ultimately result in improving efficiencies and maximising income.  We work with your existing resources to ensure that you are getting maximum return.

We also offer Staff training programmes which can be tailored to each practice’s individual needs.  Training can be carried out in-house or externally.  We have also developed online Webinar training which can be accessed by all of your staff.  These online training workshops are suited for GP’s, Practice Managers and Secretaries.  More details available here.

Let Asumpta be your consulting partner as her expertise and experience can be an incredible asset to your Practice and its goals. Contact her for a FREE initial consultation to discuss your specific requirements to allow your Practice to grow and to maximise its potential.

Introduction & Experience

Married to Paul and Mum of 3 almost grown-up children,  Asumpta has over 25 years experience in Management and Training in the Optical and Healthcare Sectors.  She also spent several years in London working in the Advertising, Insurance and Optical Sectors where she gained extensive knowledge and experience.  In 1997, Asumpta returned to Ireland and began working with Vision Express Ireland as Staff Trainer to the staff in all of its Irish Stores.

While working in Dublin, she completed a diploma in PR which is a valuable skill that can be applied to all types of business and qualified as a Trainer in 2016 with QQI accreditation.

Today, Asumpta specialises in working within the Healthcare sector in the fields of Practice Finances, Staff Training, Strategic Planning and Marketing & Promotion of services.

With more than 17 years of experience and experiencing many changes to General Practice she had to constantly adapt to many challenges over the years and Asumpta has the ability to work effectively with you and your staff, listen to ideas,  develop strategies and provide support and training in what is a very unique business.

Aside from facing massive cuts in income, another challenge facing General Practice is the lack of supports, resources and training in what is a unique business.  Many GP’s are now at maximum capacity, due to emigration and falling numbers of Doctors applying to the  GP Training Schemes. This has led to increasing pressure both for the GP and their support staff.

On a positive note, Patient Management Systems have improved considerably over the years and Asumpta has worked with and became familiar with many of them including Health One, GP Mac and GP Dynamic.  However, changing over to Socrates Patient Management Software in 2010 was a great investment. Socrates has an integrated accounts feature as well as many other reporting functions which makes running a GP Practice a little easier. Regardless of what Practice Management Software that you are using, there are very few practices that are getting the full benefit from them.  Best Practice can offer training in most of these.


“What an amazing resource! It has been a bug bear of mine for some time the lack of training and support for GP Staff. This is a very challenging and diverse business for staff and people often enter the job with no idea as to the demands it can have on you!”


“Asumpta is very knowledgeable and caring! Her follow up was thorough and prompt. Asumpta was very patient, making sure I knew how to complete tasks properly. Highly recommend!”


Are you ready for a consultation?

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Are you ready for a consultation?

Schedule your appointment now!