Contraception Scheme Expansion

The Free Contraception Scheme in Ireland has been expanded to include women aged 32 – 35 as of July 1st. The scheme, which began in September 2022 for women aged 17 – 25 has gradually expanded and covers consultations and prescriptions for a range of contraceptive options.

I believe that the expansion of the Free Contraception Scheme to include women aged 32 – 35 offers a variety of both challenges and opportunities.

Asumpta Gallagher


Some challenges I think will arise include a surge in patient numbers and consultations that could necessitate more resources and more space. The change will also likely create issues with patient scheduling for GPs.


I think the change creates an opportunity for GPs to gain additional income streams and provide more structured and comprehensive care. It will also allow for a broader demographic to receive both care and counselling.

You can learn more about the Contraception Scheme and many others in our online GMS, PCRS, and State Schemes Course to ensure your practice is maximizing the change’s benefits and mitigating its challenges.

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