Why do Practice Managers need Training?

6 reasons why Practice Managers would benefit from Training


Practice managers play a critical role in Healthcare Practices. They are responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the practice. This ensures that the practice is running smoothly and efficiently, and providing high-quality patient care. Therefore, it is important for practice managers to have training in their role for several reasons:



      1. Knowledge of Healthcare Policies: Practice managers need to ensure that the practice complies with all applicable healthcare policies rules and regulations including Health & Safety, GDPR and HR.
      2. Leadership and management skills:  Practice managers are responsible for leading and managing teams of healthcare professionals. These professionals include doctors, nurses, and administrative staff. Effective leadership and management skills are essential for ensuring that the practice operates efficiently and that staff members are motivated and engaged.
      3. Financial management: Practice managers need to have a good understanding of financial management. This includes income and expenditure and general practice finances. They also need to have good knowledge of PCRS & State Schemes to ensure that the Practice is maximising on income and that all relevant claims are being submitted in a timely manner.
      4. Patient care:  Practice managers need to have a strong understanding of patient care, including patient satisfaction, clinical quality, and safety. This ensures that the practice is providing the highest quality of care to patients.
      5. Communication skills: Practice managers need to have excellent communication skills to interact with patients, staff members, and other healthcare professionals effectively. They need to be able to communicate effectively with all staff members to ensure that everyone is working together effectively.
      6. HR & Staff Management: Practice Managers need to be familiar with all guidelines around recruiting and managing staff to ensure that the Practice is fully compliant and that staff are getting the required training and support







    Online Practice Management Course

    Overall, training is essential for practice managers to ensure that they have the knowledge, skills, and competencies required to manage their practice effectively and efficiently.

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    Asumpta Gallagher – Owner Best Practice

    Asumpta Gallagher is the owner & founder of Best Practice and has over 10 years experience as a trainer and over 20 years experience in Practice Management. She has worked with many GP Practices throughout Ireland throughout the last 5 years providing services such as Practice Audits, Practice Management Support, and HR Services & Staff Training