Medical Receptionists in General Practice

As I work in Practices throughout Ireland, I observe the very real challenges of working as a Medical Receptionist in General Practice.

It is only when you sit in the “hot seat” that you get a sense of what is involved in this role. From phones that ring constantly to dealing with multiple patient queries, working as a Medical Receptionist requires a multitude of skills.

In my experience working in all types of Practices, I listen to Receptionists talk about the challenges which include dealing with a huge demand for GP services and patients who at times can be very demanding. It can be very stressful at times trying to balance the many aspects of this role and multitasking is key!

Sometimes, the solutions can be simple and there are many strategies and tools that can be used to help make the role less stressful.

Managing the Frontline is an online training program that is designed to support Receptionists in a practical and relevant way. It is equally helpful for both experienced and new receptionists. You will learn from your peers as well as lots of tips to help you deal with the many challenges associated with modern-day General Practice.

The program is online and begins Wednesday 14th September at 12.30. It continues each Wednesday at 12.30 for 4 weeks with each session lasting approximately 1 hour. You will need access to a device with a camera and microphone to participate.

As this program is being delivered in collaboration with LHP Skillnet, the cost to the Practice is partly subsidised. Click on this LINK to find out more.