Medical Receptionists – The Unsung Heroes

Since March 2020, General Practice has been the one constant that had to adapt and continue despite the Pandemic.  GPs and their teams have continued to provide services to their patients and Medical Receptionists have played a key role in this. I think that they are the unsung heroes.

Working as a Medical Receptionist in General Practice can be one of the most challenging roles and one of the most vital cogs in the wheel of a successful Practice. 

How General Practice responded to the Pandemic

In my experience, I have met many receptionists who have worked through the Pandemic. They have adapted and responded to the many challenges that they had to face over the last couple of years.  It really hasn’t been easy and it’s important to acknowledge the importance of the role that they played and continue to play.

Hour by hour and day by day, protocols and policies changed and the Medical Receptionist was the person who generally had to communicate all of this to the patient as they were always that important first point of contact.

Is working as a Medical Receptionist complex?

They were also that person who had to handle multiple queries from the General Public, due to updated COVID information being communicated through the Media.  We were all familiar with the media narrative of ‘contact your GP’ and the uncertainty and frustration that some of this caused.

Yet they kept going and strived to be that calm reassuring voice at the other end of the phone. 

The role of the receptionist however, is much more than just the voice at the other end of the phone and their role can be a lot more complex.  I believe that more support is needed to support this vital role. 

Where can I get Medical Receptionist Training?

I am delighted to announce that LHP Skiillnet are collaborating with Best Practice to subsidise the cost of delivering a 4 week Medical Receptionist Programme which will be delivered online. The first online programme commences on September 14th at 12.30pm.

This training programme is designed to be interactive, encourages participation and gives access to peer support as well as a wealth of practical knowledge and tips to support Medical Receptionists in their role.

All live workshops will be recorded and available on a secure online E-Learning Portal.  The portal wil be availed to all Participants for a period of 3 months following completion of the programme.

The Medical Receptionist Training will be delivered over 4 weeks on a Wednesday at 12.30. 

Who is Asumpta Gallagher

Asumpta Gallagher is the owner of Best Practice and to date has provided customised training to over 500 GPs, Practice Managers and Administration teams in General Practice. The training is practical and also serves in developing support networks for the participants on the various programmes.

To find out more about this programme, click HERE or click on the link below.