Best Practice in Conversation – Episode 4 – Social Prescribing and how it can cut visits to GP by 20%

In Conversation with Jennifer Neff, CEO of Elemental

In conversation with Jennifer Neff

Jennifer is driven by a passion for ending avoidable health inequalities. She set up Elemental Software with her partner Leeann Monk to establish, scale, and measure the uptake and the impact of the social prescribing model of care, connecting people, building communities, and improving lives.

Jennifer works every day on that mission, to spread the word about the social prescribing movement, the difference it makes to people’s lives, communities, and the health and social care sector. Building upon her years of experience in regeneration and social and economic development, Jennifer helps organisations to enhance and evaluate the impact of social prescribing via
Elemental’s award-winning portfolio of digital social prescribing products and transformational consultancy services.

We are all familiar with the patients who visited the GP on a weekly basis, sometimes even twice a week. In a lot of those cases, these patients did not seed to see their GP but instead needed access to other services which are available in the community. What has been missing up to now has been how to access these services.

Elemental was set up to support GPs in helping their patients to access these services. Using the Elemental Platform, the GP or Practice Manager can do a referral to a link worker who in turn will contact the Patient. The link worker becomes the point of contact for the Patient and based on the GP Referral will link the patient with one or several services depending on what their needs are.

Currently, over 10,000 GPs are using this platform across the UK, Scotland and Northern Ireland and its currently being piloted in the republic of Ireland. There are ongoing discussions with the HSE and Clanwilliam Healthcare.

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