Best Practice in Conversation – Episode 1 Passwords! Protecting our Data from the Cyber Criminals

In the first of my series of Best Practice in conversation, I had the pleasure of speaking with Andrea Manning.

Andrea Manning

Andrea is an experienced and recognised cybersecurity and GDPR expert and speaker. Driven by her love of data, Andrea’s superpower is her combination of a strategic marketing mindset coupled with an extensive technical background. As founder of Data Influence, and her new startup, Cyber Pie, her goals include helping micro-enterprises and startups protect their businesses and their customers through a simple, human-centric approach to cybersecurity and storytelling. She champions a simple approach to cybersecurity and one that resonates with small businesses. In addition to these roles, Andrea has been recognised by ITAG, the Local Enterprise Office,and Cyber Women Ireland for her extraordinary commitment to GDPR and cybersecurity in today’s online environment. Andrea is also a mentor of the Online Cyber Security Conversion Programme and a committed, vocal advocate for diversity and inclusion. 

In this interview, we talk about passwords and Andrea gives some great tips that GPs, Practice Managers and Medical Receptionists will find useful to ensure that patient data and other information is kept secure.

Confused shocked beautiful young woman looking at tablet computer
Confused shocked beautiful young woman looking at tablet computer

We all struggle with remembering passwords and as such we tend to use the same password for everthing. The result of this is, if a cyber criminal manages to work out our password, then they will be able to hack into all of our accounts. Find the full interview below.

How many of us use the name of our Practice and add 123 to the end or even the name of the village or town where we live. Cyber Criminals have developed really intelligent software that is designed to crack your password. After speaking with Andrea, I did an audit of my own passwords and they are now I hope super safe.

Have a listen and if you would like to find out more or would like to have an audit carried out in your Practice, then please get in touch by clicking Here