Back to Business – Value of Staff Training

In this blog, I wanted to talk about training and whether there is any value in it!

I am one of those people who has always gone one step further to seek information. I have always been naturally curious about things. When I worked in retail I was always hungry for knowledge and would study the back of packaging for ingredients and or technical details on electrical items for example. When a customer asked me a question, I always wanted to know the answer or to be able to answer it to the best of my ability.

Throughout my career, I have held many roles all of which I would throw myself into with gusto, asking lots of questions and doing lots of reading on whatever subject was applicable to that industry. Most of this research and reading would be carried out in my own time as time wasn’t always available in the various roles that I held over the years.

There are many people who like me are thrown into the deep end and we just swim and we find our way, however, there are many others who require support when they begin a new role. This is very apparent when we encounter a staff member when we are buying a product or a service who has neither the knowledge or it seems the interest in what we the consumer or customer is looking for.

“There was a time when I would just brand these people as rude!!”

There was a time when I would just brand these people as rude!!

Now, however, I look at it through an entirely different lense. When friends complain about people at work who are incapable of doing their job,

I always ask if these people have been trained to do the job, and the answer more often is no and that “Well I never got trained” and/or “I just got on with the job!”

Most business owners and employers have a vision for their Business and they go about interviewing and recruiting staff. During the interview process, they ask lots of questions, usually including a question on their knowledge of the business and the industry or sector. They would also be asked what they feel they could contribute to the business. Based on these answers among others, a decision is made on recruiting the ideal person for the role who the employer feels shares their vision.

“Do employees share the vision?”

his is one common mistake that is often taken for granted by Business owners. Yes, the candidate may be totally suited to the role and have the correct skillset and they probably have a genuine excitement and enthusiasm for the position they have applied for, however, it can never be taken for granted that they share your vision. This is something that needs to be built into an onboarding process along with training and ongoing structured communications where you are sharing your vision and inviting feedback from your employees. Only when staff feel valued and through ongoing positive engagement, will we see the potential for an employers vision to be a shared one.

I met a lady recently who works as a civil servant and over the last 20 years or so has worked across many Government departments. Recently, however, she was put on a section that deals with the public day to day. She was not given any training and the only knowledge that she had was what she would have picked up by over hearing conversations her colleagues were having with the Public. This was the source of a significant amount of stress for her and made it so difficult for her to do her job.

So much time and money is invested in advertising and recruiting new staff, why is it that we don’t put enough emphasis on training and developing them? 

I have worked in Healthcare for over 17 years and it has always been difficult to source training that was relevant to my sector. Working in a Healthcare environment can be very challenging, particularly, when you are dealing with the public day to day. There are so many skills required in this type of role from being able to deal with people who are vulnerable to people who can be excessively demanding and everyone in between.



Best Practice has developed a number of training workshops which are highly interactive and tailored for anyone working in a Healthcare setting and dealing with patients/clients as part of their day to day work. Many of the workshops are half day in duration which makes them very accessible.

There are also workshops which are designed for people who would like a career as a medical secretary/receptionist. Keep an eye on the Facebook page and the website.

For further information, please contact Asumpta on 087 4051600 or email